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We meet up to go on walks together which are designed not to be too difficult, more amble than ramble, and because they are are conducted at a gentle leisurely pace they suit all fitness levels and are an enjoyable social activity, with time to soak in our surroundings and at the same time provide some exercise too. KWanderers is run with fun not profit, in mind, so it suits all budgets and lifestyles too! ...Maybe you are new to Kent or just want to expand your social circle whilst getting some exercise too? Perhaps you have challenging circumstances and are looking to take the difficult first step into improving your health and well being and need to get out and about more? ...I myself have arthritis and understand the daily challenges of trying to stay active and improve my fitness and miss joining other walks and rambles that now have more inclines, uneven ground, too fast paced or other challenges that put stress on my joints so I decided to start this group so I could enjoy walking and have a fun experience with others at the same time too.

Our walks are definitely more 'amble' than 'ramble'. I founded the Group with fun and well being in mind. We are for all levels of fitness and enjoy the social benefit of walking with other people on our leisurely walks combined with social gatherings too. ...So if you're looking to get out in the fresh air and enjoy gentle jaunts with friendly faces we are most definitely the right group for you!

In setting up Kent Wanderers in early 2019, I wanted to provide a warm relaxed friendly environment that would help myself together with helping others to stay active, as well as feel more positive, comfortable and confident about being part of a walking group. We had some great walks last year and cant wait to get back The swing of it in 2020 with some familiar faces as well as more new me get a too

So why not join us and be part of a group that has plenty of fun and laughs along the way plus keeps us all motivated together on our own personal journeys and well being. Plus its not just all about walking ... There’s lots of pit stops, like coffee shops, picnic lunches and watering holes to enjoy together too.

You will find many varied and interesting walks, all of which are leisurely, predominantly flat, and at a gentle pace so that we can all fully appreciate the breath taking scenery of Kent’s beautiful countryside and coastal areas together.

💙🌞🌲 Looking forward to meeting you at one of our Wandering Walkabouts soon,

🌻 Alison, Lead Walker & Group Organiser.


***MORE IMPORTANT DETAILS REGARDING OUR WALKS*** All our walks are relaxed, yet structured, and as such are well planned and organised. Our walks suit all lifestyles with both shorter and longer walks to choose from that include weekends, evenings and daytime during the week too. A brief outline of the walk, distance, terrain are given for each walk in the event details together with other important information including how much time to allow for the walk including any social pit stops during or afterwards as well as the all! Important arrival time and meeting point. You should read this, and make your own plans accordingly as well as decide whether you are able to manage the walk. Having read this then come along with the correct clothing, footwear and equipment for the walk: It is your responsibility to come along properly equipped for the walk.

***DOGS, PHOTOGRAPHERS PLUS ETTIQUITE OF ALL MEMBERS*** Kent Wanderers has always welcomed people who are keen photographers with ample opportunities to capture amazing shots on our leisurely walks and for dog owners to bring their well behaved dogs along too. I myself am a dog owner. However, anyone who brings a dog to the walk must keep it under proper safe control, on and off lead as appropriate. Neither dogs, photographers or any walker should create a hazard or problem for others or worry livestock. Our group is very easy going but has zero tolerance for anti social, nuisance or aggressive behaviour either by two or four legged beings and we will not hesitate to remove and ban any such from the Group.

***GROUP IS RUN WITH FUN NOT PROFIT IN MIND*** We only charge a Maximum of £2 per person per walk to help cover costs. In fact it costs myself and other lead walkers to organise and lead these activities including having to pay ongoing fees that are charged to the Main Group Organiser, by the Meet Up Site, for providing the use of this website and their services so we use your meet up fees to help offset some of our out of pocket expenses and any fees payable in advance to Meet Up.

***IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND SAFETY*** We do not carry public liability insurance, and are not liable for any loss, damage or injury incurred during our activities. No outdoor activity can be completely safe and free from hazard. It is therefore your own responsibility to make a judgment as to whether you are able to safely take part in any of our walks or activities. ...Please also read our Disclaimer below.


As a member or guest, you are solely responsible for your own safety , health and well-being and that of your guests and dogs. By signing up for this Meetup group and/or attending any of this Meetup group's events, you acknowledge, understand, accept and agree that any and some activities could be dangerous, have health risks and/or could cause serious bodily injury. The Organizer of this group and all current, cutie and former members cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for the actions of any participant, including yourself, at any event. All attendees who participate in events do so at their own risk and are solely responsible for any damage to their property, and/or any illness, health risks or injury to themselves or their guests. By signing up for this Meetup Group and/or any event, you affirm that you read and understand this disclaimer, and that you knowingly and voluntarily agree not to bring any type of claim arising out of or related to this Meetup group against any of the organisers, event hosts and or any current, future or former members and their two or four legged guests.


*All members profiles must include an easily recognisable photo of just themselves - This is for yours and everyone's safety and so Event Leaders know who to look out for.

* Please think of others and the Organisers, not just yourself, and always update rsvp at earliest convenience if you, or any guests, can no longer can attend - This frees up places for other members and saves unnecessary wasted time waiting around or looking out for people no longer coming.

* Please be polite, friendly and respectful to everyone online and at events plus it is the owners responsibility to keep their dogs under control on lead, and when appropriate off lead at all times.

* Any member who does not fit the ethos of the Group will have their membership revoked, be removed from the Group or their Application Declined. This is final and at the Organisers discretion.


Thanks everyone 🌻

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