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Central Kentucky is home to dozens, hundreds, actual-literal-tons of great PHP developers. We represent international conglomerates, tiny start-up shops, lone wolf programmers, and everything in between. PHP powers roughly one-third of the Internet, including many powerhouse content management systems like Wordpress, and the awesome devs in and around Lexington should get together to share our knowledge, discoveries, and downright dirty hacks.

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Developer's Unconference at TECX19

Central Library

Get Feedback. Learn New Skills. Share Your Struggles. Come Share Your Code With US. Submit Your Talk Today https://forms.gle/GM6dAWYGsY4yF5Nj7 If you've never participated in an unconference the basic idea is that at a conference the attention is on the stage, at an unconference the attention is on the attendees. It reverses the arrangement and that's why its an 'un'-conference. In practice, what that means is that the most attendees bring a topic to share and register those topics in the morning while we're munching donuts and coffee. Then everyone votes on what they'd like to hear about and we follow the wisdom of the crowd (democracy in action, folks!). You're also very welcome to come and vote and listen and learn even if you're too shy to give a talk. Plan for your topics to be 15, 25, or 45 minutes. We've going to group the talks by skill level as well, so we're sure to deliver information at the speed the audience is already at. We're going to send out a call for presentations as we get closer to the event and will open voting the day before the event. Ticket Required - First 100 Students are FREE Schedule and details here: https://www.tecx19.com/schedule/thursday-sep-19#unconference Purchase tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tecx-tickets-63022885146

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PHP+JS Crossover: Web Assembly With Rust

Central Library

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