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Central Kentucky is home to dozens, hundreds, actual-literal-tons of great PHP developers. We represent international conglomerates, tiny start-up shops, lone wolf programmers, and everything in between. PHP powers roughly one-third of the Internet, including many powerhouse content management systems like Wordpress, and the awesome devs in and around Lexington should get together to share our knowledge, discoveries, and downright dirty hacks.

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PHP+JS Crossover: Web Assembly With Rust

Central Library

Chris Wininger is going to take us through Web Assembly, a new technology that is available in virtually all modern browsers. What can you do with it? How can you build for it? This talk will demonstrate the use of Rust to target we web assembly, showing how to get your development environment up and running. In addition he'll will demo some of what he's been cooking up with Web Assembly.

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PHP+JS Crossover: Learn To Flutter with Dart

Central Library

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