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Interested in software, UX, tech, or building your professional network in Indianapolis? Then this is the Meetup group for you!

Kenzie Academy, from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), is bringing big names and big ideas in tech to you, virtually. Join our group to take part in a range of free events from educational webinars, guest speakers, panel discussions, & networking opportunities.

Kenzie Academy offers a full-time Software Engineering program and a part-time UX Design Career program. Our education style focuses on soft skills, technical skills, and networking - and we've translated these focuses into our online communities and events.

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Online Open House

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Learn about Kenzie’s Software Engineering curriculum, co-developed with Amazon engineers. Attend class 100% online, complete hands-on projects modeled after real-world applications, and qualify for an inside track to entry-level roles at Amazon and other enterprise and technology companies.

Learn from a program co-developed with Amazon engineers:
Learn to code and think like a software engineer, based on a curriculum developed by experienced practitioners.

Attend 100% online. No fixed class time:
Work with an advisor to design your customized learning plan on a schedule that works for you. Be job-ready in 9-12 months.

Land the Job:
Qualify for an inside track to entry-level Software Developer Engineering roles at Amazon. The Kenzie Career Placement team will also partner with you to prepare you for similar roles at other enterprise and technology employers.

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Intro to Backend Development with Java

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