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Cyber Launch | 2020 Visioning

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Let's collectively configure and implement the Cyber Infrastructure our Community needs. This kick off event is meant to set the stage for 2020. We'll do a brief introduction of all those who are in attendance and state your goals. If you're shy, embarrassed, or fear public speaking, feel free to pass. However, this is meant to be a fostering and nurturing environment to build you up. Not tear you down. We're going to focus on 4 topics and cycle through them each month. - Software Engineering - Cloud Services - Information Security - Computer Science and Information Technology Education A GitHub Repo will be shared prior to kick off. Gadgets and/or Laptops are not needed. Just an open mind and lot of curiosity so please ask questions. We don't believe in magic. We're language and vendor agnostic. We're humans and make mistakes, but we learn and move forward. Careers don't make themselves. #HackersSharpenHackers

The Software Engineer Tool Chain

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Our first topic will focus on the Software Engineering tool chain. We'll look at building a simple web application and discuss the OWASP Top 10 v2017 to gain perspective. We will not go too in depth so that we can build a basic understanding of OWASP. We'll reflect on the prior versions of OWASP to determine if there were any changes then seek to determine whether a mature process helped mitigate against those known vulnerabilities.

Cloud Services

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Review Dev Ops Pipeline for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Information Security

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Hack yourself first Web Application Security After two sessions we seen the software engineering process deliver an application served from the cloud. We will review OWASP Top 10 v2017 and dive a little deeper. What tools exists to help us understand the inherit vulnerabilities that exist within our code base.

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