• Keto Konvo

    Flying Heart Brewing

    Are you Keto or Keto-ish? Are you at a Plato and need to kick start your health goals? Grab a friend and let’s enjoy some cauliflower pizza 🍕 and learn how #1 to order from restaurants as well as swap recipes.

  • Coffe Talk and Introducing Intermittent Fasting

    Retro 521 Cafe

  • Keto Meet Up

    The People's Market

    Dinner and Keto Conversation Are you full Keto? Or are you Keto-ish? What are your favorite Keto dishes and hacks?

  • Keto Conversation

    The People's Market

    Discussing a Ketogenic life style and Why our body prefers to be in its Native State. To take back our health as a country and stop raising another generation of people to suffer from diabetes, heart issues, and the other illnesses cause by a unhealthy lifestyle.