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1\. The purpose of the group is to enjoy and explore all aspects of this diet/way of life\. \

2\. Anyone interested in a good lifestyle\, sportspeople etc\. \

3\. Discuss how the way of living works\, how you can apply and enjoy it\. Predating agriculture mankind has survived and flourished on fat, medium amounts of protein and an extremely minimal amount of carbs, which is why we are here. \ The reason our bodies readily make fat from carbs is because fat is safer than carbs, \ It's actually the preferred fuel for our bodies. We come from the basis of an inherited social wisdom ie agrarian point of view, so we are merely following the other sheep in the field and thinking fat is the demon. Our bodies homeostatic machines that need to ensure that there are no more than 2 teaspoons or so of sugar in our bodies at any one time in 3.5 to 4.5 litres of blood as this leads to dangerous levels of toxicity. Insulin is produced to maintain this equilibrium, any fat eaten whilst following a carb-based diet is blocked by Insulin and stored instead of being utilised(leading to fat storage and hunger etc). The Insulin mechanism is not the best optimal system either, it can become stressed and reject carbs. All carbs whether complex(low glycemic) or simple (high glycemic) all have the same glycemic load on our insulin system. Take a look into the research on ketosis (fat metabolism) on youtube and the books available. There is now an absolute abundance of research. If you're interested in exploring resetting your genetic expression using Keto you should join us. Search online 'Ketogenic Mania by Tony' for my facebook page(extensive) and group(In development) Video lectures by the shakers and makers of keto all professionals.

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