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Welcome in Sydney Girls! This group is for women who have moved here from overseas and are not feeling at home yet in Sydney. We know it can be tough at the beginning to find your way around in everyday life and meet the right people. Been there, done that...

So we decided to create our dream group, the one we would have loved to join when we arrived, which would have saved us so much time and effort, the one-stop-shop to :

-meet and befriend other new residents of various nationalities, as well as locals
-get answers to all sorts of questions about everyday life
-share experiences and strategies to settle
-learn more about your new country and its culture

We are here to help you feel at home, to share with you Sydney's secrets we've taken years to discover and to introduce you to people and institutions relevant to you.

A big thank you to Randwick City Council for its sponsorship!

Upcoming events (3)

Effective communication

Bowen Library, Anzac Pde

Welcome to Sydney! Do you sometimes find it hard to make yourself understood and /or to understand others? No matter how good your English is, it is always hard at the beginning, because national culture affect the way we communicate. One thing I personally found difficult when I arrived here was to learn to communicate effectively not only with Australians, but also with colleagues/friends/neighbors/random people of many different nationalities! So we'll share our experiences, our challenges and learn a tip or two from our guest speaker on how to communicate effectively in Australia. Hopefully, you will go back home more confident in your ability to communicate in your everyday life, at work and at home!! So if this sounds like something for you, please book your spot early because places are limited. Looking forward to meeting you

Civic engagement and eco-friendly living

Bowen Library, Anzac Pde

Wherever you were born on earth does not matter in terms of environment, we all share the same planet and have to join efforts to protect it. Joining eco-friendly projects in your neighborhood is a great way to meet other like-minded locals. This session will give you an overview of what's going on near you. Are you ready for a plastic-free life? And what about a waste-free life? What can you do personally to make a tangible difference?Wanna know where to get really cheap organic fruits and veg? Our guest speaker from the City Council will share his tips on waste free living and will connect you with wonderful eco-friendly initiatives in your neighborhood. Our friends from Rhubarb, the organic food coop, will share their project, which is about saving money, eating better and belonging. See you soon!

Australian Cultural Orientation Workshop - Job market

Bowen Library, Anzac Pde

It is not easy finding the job of your dream when you are a foreigner. Overseas experience and diplomas are often undervalued and having an accent doesn't help...Whether you are looking for your first job here or looking for the better job you deserve, this session is for you! We will talk about the Australian job market and promise you the ultimate answer to the chicken-or-egg question "How do I get Australian experience?" But also : How do I get my skills and qualifications recognized? Where can I get free help to improve my resume, my cover letters and practice job interview? How do I know my rights at work? Where can I get free legal aid? What is Australian workplace culture like? You will go back home with your job hunting plan, having identified at least a couple of organizations that could help you. And hopefully, you will have meet a friendly lady with who to job hunt together! So if this sounds like something for you, please book your spot early!

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Welcome potluck for girls new in Sydney

Bowen Library, Anzac Pde

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