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CAN UFO WITNESSES OF DINOSAURS BE VERIFIED BY SCIENCE? YES we think so. How old are the Aliens and contact with us? The Dec 8th and 11th 1992 Mass abduction says only a few thousand years. 8 witnesses on the massive ufo describe the “dinosaurs” they saw in suspended animation? But what the science say... The latest science! Prepare yourself for a big shock. Scientist refused to do carbon dating on their “amazing and impossible” new finds. Dinosauria was the new name for DRAGON, in 1841 by Sir Edwin Owen. Proof that Dinosaurs have been with us in the “recent Past”. One eyewitness testimony of two (HUFON) investigators who witnessed a “dinosaur”. The (if we have time) we will review a remarkable short science film, showing “faster than light objects traveling away from us.

Brookdale Clear Lake

780 W Bay Area Blvd · Webster


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KeyNote Presentations are a series of classes that are designed to entertain, inform, and give you new knowledge and / or skills: Some of the presenations are: 1) How to know who is Lying vs telling the truth (at a glance). 2) Mind Mapping your future! 3) How to be your own Private Investigator. 4) HANDWRITING ANALYSIS "The Write Way - An insight into your Analysis through Handwriting" 5) Astrology vs Ancient Star Names/messages 6) Angels, Aliens, Ghosts, & Spirits! each one has it's own signature. 7) Fear Factor: F alse E vidences A ppearing R eal (OR HOW TO ELIMINATE YOUR REAL FEARS AND DEFENSES THAT STOP YOU FROM ACHIEVING SUCCESS RELATED THINGS IN LIFE 8) NLP TIMELINE (CHANGE YOUR FUTURE BY PLACING THINGS IN IT) 9) THE “DRAWN OUT” WAY: INSIGHT INTO CHARACTER THROUGH SYMBOLIC DRAWINGS... See what your subconscious says about you in your own 6 simple drawings! This is a facinating expose of you to your self. Derrel will show you how to interpret your own simple drawings. 10) ANCIENT ALIEN AGENDA: EVIDENCE FOUND! HIDDEN ON, OR NEAR YOU! Implants, Dna, Flourescence! 11) ANCIENT ALIEN AGENDA: Evidence Taken from you! or, Hidden Within You! WORKSHOP: of How to find, how to search and how to Know! 12) You know someone who knows someone, who has everything you want! (Amazing workshop to show you that you have virtually everything at your fingertips). 13) Who are you? Most people will find out in 5 questions "they do not have a clue, who they really are. Why are you here? if you don't know who you are, you very likely don't know "why you are here either". This is a high impact class on answering the "big questions in life". A series of inquires into your life, will give you the answers. Prepare yourself for a shock. Self Hypnosis and how to begin to program yourself to do what you want to accomplish in life. THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE PRESENTATIONS YOU WILL FIND HERE. MOST WILL BE TAUGHT BY DERREL SIMS, a master level at NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming (aka Tony Robbins fame). Derrel is also a Master Hypnotherapist (he trains and certifies hypnotherpists. Other skills of his are that of a Private Investigator. He has two instructorships in Scuba. He is a 4th degree black belt in the martial arts, etc. Let the fun begin. for more info go to The Houston Ufo Network on

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