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Intimate, passionate, thriving, joyous relationships are indeed possible! Even in hard times! If you are committed to creating conscious loving relationship, whether single or coupled, gay or straight, then I invite you to join this group! I am a relationship coach and specialize in empowering people to create the kind of loving relationships most people only dream of. In each session, I will present new ways for you to alter the prevailing destructive habits and thought patterns you unknowingly bring to relationship. In a safe environment, I will give you an EXPERIENCE of new thinking and innovative practices that will allow for deeper intimacy, more authentic self-expression and profound love in your connections. Come learn how you can be a more effective partner in relationship. Learn to put the law of attraction and the art of creation into play where it matters most - your intimate relationship. Please note: Much of what will be taught is pertinent to all relationships: marriage, family, business, management, etc.

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How To De-Escalate Conflicts, Mini-Workshop

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“We go from zero to a hundred, there’s no in between!”

So said a woman in our last workshop, describing how quickly conversations between her husband and herself turned into high-volume arguments. It’s a common experience. You start out having a civil conversation about something, but pretty soon, you’re arguing and you don’t even know about what exactly.

When this is a recurring pattern, it’s emotionally taxing and physically exhausting for both of you. Plus, escalated arguments wear on your relationship because …

- You trust each other less every time
- You lose faith that you can work out any conflict
- You get trained to either resign or escalate to get heard
- You spend too much time with elevated stress in your body
- You don’t reach resolutions

Over time, you might begin to question if you should even be in the relationship.

But don’t despair yet! Even if you have a pattern of escalating quickly, you can still change it and learn a more calm and productive way to interact and even talk about difficult subjects. When you understand why your conversations escalate, and how to express yourself more effectively, you can begin to co-create a new, positive pattern for communication.

In this mini-workshop, you’ll learn a new paradigm for conflicts, along with a step-by-step communication process. As a previous participant said, “Conflict seems inevitable and your approach to it gives us a sense of peace and gratitude for what we can experience from it.”

This is a brand new 90-min mini-workshop from LoveWorks:

How To De-Escalate Conflicts.

> In this mini-workshop, you will learn
> How to look at your conflicts from a new vantage point
> How to have civil conversations about difficult topics
> How to express yourself about triggering topics
> How to take a conversation from anger to love and appreciation
> Plus, a one-sentence ninja tool to stop a criticizer in their tracks!

NOTE: Please register through our website (not just Meetup) to get the Zoom info.

$40 per couple or any two people.

Register here: https://loveworkssolution.com/how-to-deescalate-conflicts/

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