FoodMachine (WarMachine and Hordes Food Drive Event)

This is a past event

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This how it works:

For every can of food you bring to the event (minus the 10-can registration fee) you will receive a token. During the tournament you will be able to ?cheat? in specific ways by spending tokens. Specific 'cheats' are outlined below.

As you might guess, this isn't a balanced, competitive tournament. This is a day of fun that will help others in need.

Other tournament info:

• Bring one (1) 50pt army list, either Warmachine or Hordes.

• Painted armies are not required.

• Casual Time Limits will be used (Base match length: 120 min; Turn Length: 12 min; No Time Extensions)

• A Mix of Foodmachine 2014 and Steamroller 2014 scenarios will be used

• The event will be either 3 or 4 rounds, depending on attendance.

• If there is no clear winner at the end, the winner will be the person with the best record and the highest number of scenario victories.

“Breaking the Rules”

At any point during a game, a player may donate a canned good to create an in-game effect. These canned goods are in addition to any canned goods that were donated for the registration fee. (Exact rules and donation costs are TBD)


10:00 Registration begins

10:45 Pairings begin

11:00 Dice Roll

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