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This group is open to anyone on a journey of Spiritual enlightenment. We will discuss our Spiritual awareness and different divinations (modalities) used to connect with Spirit in a loving manner. Metaphysical practices...crystal, essential oil, incense and others tools can be discussed. Spiritual readings divinations (palm, tarot, 52-playing etc.) will be discussed and sometimes provided. All religions, beliefs and practices are welcome. ALL Spiritual reading and practices are CONFIDENTIAL. I will NOT disclosed your personal information.

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"Spiritual Readings" - How to Speak with Spiritual LOVE and UNDERSTANDING

Killeen Community Center


Spirituality is changing with more and more people becoming enlighten. Many people are seeking answers to many questions about their existence, past-lives, and their purpose. Spiritual Readers can provide a glance with a loving attempt to answer these questions. We convey answers with love, passion, and understandings using many divination's to communicate with Spirit. What are Spiritual divination's?; these are the tools we (Spiritual Readers) used to connect with Spirit. I'll explain several methods used to connect with Spirit. I'll illustrate a method of protection which is extremely important when conducting Spiritual Readings. Bring your cards, crystals, eggs, water, shells or whatever tool is used to connect with Spirit. I will be discussing 3 cards within the Tarot card deck. The 3 cards I've chosen can help you in-conveying a loving message. Time permitting, I'll connect Spiritually for your personal reading. Contact me with any questions about this topic. Spiritual Donation $20 invite a quest at cost. I keep the Spiritual token low for all to attend. [masked] Attendee must be 18 years of age and stronger. Room W 100

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