What we're about

Let's have fun doing social activities in our area such as Dinners, Live Music, Lunch, Brunch, Cinema, Theatre, Dancing, Bush Walking etc.

Policy Of This Group:

The rules are few and far between, and are pretty much identical across Meetup Groups.

Expected Behaviour:

By being a member of this group and participating in an event, you agree to take responsibility for your own behaviour and to uphold the values of treating each other in a kind, friendly, honest and respectful manner.

Profile Photo:

Please put a clear photo of yourself on your profile. A photo of a pet, landscape, monster truck etc is not helpful to find you in a crowded venue.

Regarding an RSVP to an event:

Please keep your RSVP's up-to-date so that the Event Organiser can keep track of numbers (particularly important when maintaining a venue booking). If you cannot make an event and you are down as 'Going', then you MUST change your RSVP, otherwise you will be marked as a 'no show'; three 'no shows' and you will be removed from this group. Hosting an event carries certain responsibilities, and it is unreasonable to expect a host and other members to be waiting, perhaps to order a meal, or go into a cinema etc, for another member who will not be turning up. Note: If circumstances have prevented you from attending an event and changing your RSVP, an apology message through the Meetup messaging service afterwards will always be appreciated.

An RSVP shows the intention of a group member to attend an event, for a majority of that event’s time-frame. To attend an event which requires pre-booked seating or one which is a private function, without an RSVP, will be deemed unacceptable and a repeat offender could be removed.

Serial offenders of last minute cancellations will also be removed. It is very unfair for those on the wait-list to be moved up at the last minute. Sometimes life happens, and you need to cancel at the last minute, but if this is happening constantly, then you will most likely be removed.

Please do not respond “No” to every event, as it only blocks up the emails of the hosts. You only need to change your RSVP from "Yes" to "No" if you can no longer attend an event.

Membership List:

It is a good practice to limit the number of in-active members in a Meetup group. The membership is culled on an occasional basis, and a member who has not visited the group's Home Page for at least three months, or has not attended an event for at least six months will most likely be removed. This is nothing personal, and any member that is culled in this way is always welcome to re-join.

Unsolicited Messages:

This is a Social Group, not a Single’s Group, and its primary purpose is to promote making friendships and having fun in a social environment. Therefore, an unsolicited “pick-up” message sent by one member to another will be deemed to be very in-appropriate by leadership, and could result in the sender being permanently removed. If you would like to meet a certain member, do so at an event, and don't harass them using such messages.


Occasionally, it becomes necessary to ban a member because of their negative behaviour towards one or more group members, such as being overtly sexual, bullying, disrespectful or just plain rude. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated, and the person in question will be banned. When a member is removed in this manner, they are also banned from participating in any subsequent event as a guest. Please remember that membership of this group is a privilege and not a right.

General Disclaimer:

All members who participate in events advertised on Kilsyth and around over 40’s social group do so at their own risk. Members of Kilsyth and around over 40’s social group are responsible to bring these conditions to the attention of any guests they bring to an event and their participation in said event is taken as an acknowledgement that they have read and understood these conditions.

Kilsyth and around over 40’s social group is the name of a collective of like-minded people who are utilizing the Meetup platform to arrange social events in order to interact with each other mostly at third party events and venues. Kilsyth and around over 40’s social group offers no insurance or assurance for any events run under this Meetup Profile but hopes that members will have a good time in each other’s company.

Where a members hosts an event where they collect payments or deposits on behalf of the third party as an entry fee, meal payment etc and retains no portion of that money, then any dispute arising out of dissatisfaction or non-delivery of service is a dispute solely with the third party and members of Kilsyth around over 40’s social group shall completely indemnify the Event Host from any blame or compensation as a result of that dispute.

Kilsyth and around over 40’s social group is not an entity nor does it have any office bearers or officials and no person or organiser of Kilsyth and around over 40’s social group can be held accountable for any financial loss, injuries, death or otherwise that may occur as a result of an event advertised on the calendar. If the Event Host is the owner, employee or servant of a company offering services to an event advertised on Kilsyth and around over 40’s social group then any claims arising from the above will be with that company.

Members need to satisfy themselves that the event they are attending will be within their physical capabilities and within their personally accepted risk profile before taking part. Kilsyth and around over 40’s social group offer no advice on this nor accept any responsibility.

Looking forward to some fun times ahead!

Simon (Group Organiser)

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Barefoot Bowls Lilydale.

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Dinner after Barefoot Bowls.

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Learn Rock 'n' Roll Dancing in Bayswater.

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Learn Rock 'n' Roll Dancing in Bayswater.

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