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Kindred Spirits Reiki Healing Clinic
Hello Reiki Healers and clients, Once again, our Reiki Clinic is taking Place!! This is a great opportunity for all of you Reiki Healers to Master your skill set by working with the general public (people, children, pets, etc) Not only will you be able to experience the benefits of Reiki yourself because as you give a healing, you get a healing, but the emotional satisfaction of seeing your clients' health, vitality and life improve because of your contribution is priceless. This is also an opportunity for you to promote your business as a Reiki Practitioner to prospective clients, so bring your Reiki brochures, business cards and other pertinent information in order to build your Reiki Practice. For those of your non-Reiki practitioners, the Reiki Clinic is open to everyone so if you're in need of a healing or know someone who is, please swing by or direct them to Kindred Spirits. The Reiki Clinic takes place every FIRST Saturday of the month at Kindred Spirits. During this time, the synergy of everyone involved creates the most amazing healing state. Whether you're a client or a healer makes no difference. Everyone contributes by being there and holding the space. So come, mingle, make new friends, meet new clients/healers and most of all, be in the space of healing. To receive a healing, the duration of the healing is 10-20 min. Your donation is greatly appreciated. ** Reiki Practitioners, please RSVP ASAP, come as early as possible as the greatest need is at the beginning of the clinic. and If you have a table, please bring it along. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones, Love and Light Sonya

Kindred Spirits

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The objective of this group and to provide a safe space where healing takes place, where growth is embraced and where the primary motivation is love; love for others, for ourselves, and for the world and all of its wonderful creatures.

The highest intention for the group is to meet at Kindred Spirits every Wednesday night and first Saturday of the month (with a few exceptions) and to provide a safe environment to nurture each other, meditate, master your healing abilities, receive a healing, share insights, assist in personal growth, and assist in changing the world one person at a time.

Everyone is welcomed. So set your calendar to our tune, come by and bring a friend, a family member, a partner, a child, a pet, a dream, an inquisitive attitude, a desire to make a difference, or all of the above.

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