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Have you always wondered what was "out there" in the invisible realm? Have you had experiences with the unseen, or maybe a psychic hunch or voice leading you in a particular direction? Our group, Kindred Spirit Society, is comprised of those who believe in - or maybe just want to know more about - psychic spiritual energy. We investigate buildings and locations that are known to have paranormal activity and use our psychic senses to connect with those who have long passed. We also hold classes, discussions, and help host events relating to the paranormal and psychic energy.

Our group is led by famed psychic medium Dori Spence, who for 40 years has helped individuals, groups, and law enforcement agencies solve mysteries that have no tangible evidence. Through her psychic senses, Dori has helped identify spirits and can communicate their messages to the living, as well as helped find missing persons and other psychic detective work.

Kindred Spirits Society International is a 501(c)3 Colorado non-profit organization. Our membership fee is only $20 per year and that gives our members first access and discounted prices to exclusive events, investigations, classes, and more. More information on membership can be found on our website: www.KindredSpiritSociety.org.

Come join us and discover what messages you can pick up from beyond the veil!

Past events (25)

Ghosts of the Callahan House! SOLD OUT

City of Longmont Callahan House

SOLD OUT - "Ghosts of Christmas Past" at the historic Callahan House

City of Longmont Callahan House

Back Alley Ghost Tour in Loveland!

Downtown Loveland

Back Alley Ghost Tours in Longmont!

Downtown Longmont

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