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Have you always wondered what was "out there" in the invisible realm? Have you had experiences with the unseen, or maybe a psychic hunch or voice leading you in a particular direction? Our group, Kindred Spirit Society, is comprised of those who believe in - or maybe just want to know more about - psychic spiritual energy. We investigate buildings and locations that are known to have paranormal activity and use our psychic senses to connect with those who have long passed. We also hold classes, discussions, and help host events relating to the paranormal and psychic energy.

Our group is led by famed psychic medium Dori Spence, who for 40 years has helped individuals, groups, and law enforcement agencies solve mysteries that have no tangible evidence. Through her psychic senses, Dori has helped identify spirits and can communicate their messages to the living, as well as helped find missing persons and other psychic detective work.

Kindred Spirits Society International is a 501(c)3 Colorado non-profit organization. Our membership fee is only $20 per year and that gives our members first access and discounted prices to exclusive events, investigations, classes, and more. More information on membership can be found on our website: www.KindredSpiritSociety.org.

Come join us and discover what messages you can pick up from beyond the veil!

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Psychic Detective - Workshop

Longmont Public Library

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2019 Time: 1:15 PM - 4:00 PM Location: Longmont Public Library, 409 4th Avenue, Longmont Have you always wondered how psychics solve crimes that leave law enforcement officials baffled? Would you like to hone your skills as a Psychic Detective? Join psychic medium Dori Spence as she shows you how to take "psychic clues" and apply them to real-life unsolved mysteries! For over 40 years Dori has worked with law enforcement agencies all over the United States to gain powerful insight in otherwise unsolvable crimes. Dori has been featured on the Today Show as well as written up in many national newspapers, including the New York Times, for her amazing psychic detective capabilities. A $10 donation is requested. You can pay with cash or check at the door (sorry no credit cards). All proceeds go to Kindred Spirit Society, a Colorado non-profit organization. PLEASE RSVP with names of all members of your party so we can reserve your seat! To fill out a Reservation Form please visit our website at www.KindredSpiritSociety.org or call Dori at (720)[masked]

1961 Greeley Bus Crash Site - Psychic Investigation

Armadillo La Salle

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019 Location: Meeting Place will be the Armadillo Restaurant, 111 1st Street, LaSalle, CO Time: Meet at restaurant at 1:00 and carpool to site. Investigation will last approximately 1-1/2 hours. There will be a Q&A session afterwards at the Armadillo where we will discuss our findings. Join Kindred Spirits Society and psychic medium Dori Spence as we investigate the site of a horrific school bus crash that claimed the lives of 20 children in December, 1961. We will meet up at the Armadillo Restaurant in LaSalle, Colorado and then carpool over to the crash site (as there is limited parking available) and begin our investigation. This will be a psychic investigation but you are welcome to bring your cameras and other equipment. Dowsing rods will be available for use, or you can purchase dowsing rods at the investigation. We do ask that in respect for the children who lost their lives so tragically that day that no equipment be used that emits noises (i.e., Spirit Boxes, radio transmitters, iOvilus in speaking mode, etc.) After we visit the crash site we will meet up again at the Armadillo Restaurant in LaSalle to discuss our findings. This Armadillo restaurant is the original and oldest in Colorado and has a rich haunted history itself. Employees have reported to have seen an elderly gentleman wandering the restaurant after closing time, glasses and silverware moving on their own, being touched and whispered to, and many other stories. Also, the building next door is reported to have been a brothel. This is a very special investigation and attendance will be limited in size. ADVANCED TICKET PURCHASE IS REQUIRED. Cost to attend is $20 per person ($10 if you are a Kindred Spirits Society member - this is NOT the same as being a Meetup Member! To inquire about Kindred Spirits membership please visit our website). To purchase your tickets please visit our website at www.KindredSpiritSociety.org.

Haunted History of Longmont - Tour

Downtown Longmont

Date: Friday, May 10, 2019 Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Location: Downtown Longmont (exact location will be given upon registration) Explore Longmont’s historic Downtown area and learn about local legends who have long since passed – or not?? Your tour guide is psychic medium Dori Spence, who for over 40+ years has assisted law enforcement agencies, companies, building owners and individuals in "opening the veil" that separates our living world from the world of spirits. Dori's insight and stories surrounding the historical sites around Colorado will leave you spellbound and wanting to learn more! Prices for tours are $20/per person ($30 for a couple) for the general public and $10/per person for Kindred Spirits members. Kindred Spirits Members may bring one guest at the $10 price. (Note: being a member of Meetup is NOT the same as being a Kindred Spirits member. For membership details please visit our website). Tours may be paid online via our website or in cash the day of the event. Please pre-register for all tours so we can make sure to contact you in case there is a cancellation or change of meeting place. The meeting location will be given to you upon your registration for the tour. Please visit our website for more information, tickets, and to register: https://www.kindredspiritsociety.org/haunted-history-talks-tours

Ghosts, Spirits, and Reincarnation - Discussion

High Plains Library District - Erie Community Library

DETAILS: ​ Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019 Time: Doors open at 1:00 PM, talk lasts until about 4 pm Location: Erie Public Library, 400 Powers Street, Erie, CO Where does the spirit go when the body passes? This question has been debated for thousands of years. Join psychic medium Dori Spence as she discusses her own experiences with the "other side" during her 40+ year career, and how we can still communicate with spirits long after the body has passed. ​ COST: A $10 Donation is requested at the door (cash or check, no credit cards, please). Please RSVP in advance so we may get an accurate head count. For more information and to RSVP please visit our website at www.KindredSpiritSociety.com or call (720)[masked]

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