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Wind Mountain and Beacon Rock- Dificulty 3
Deja Vu. Because of car issues this trip did not happen last Wednesday. Let's make it happen this Wednesday. This will be a longer drive to Wind Mountain. We may add Beacon Rock or Cedar Mountain if time permits. Expect amazing views. I hope to see many of you there.

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What we're about

Looking for a group that does hiking and mountaineering in the Seattle Region. Want to meet hikers and mountaineering in the area. Have a strong desire to find unique areas that others don't know about?

If you are a novice or an experienced mountaineer this group for you. This group is led by well-known mountaineer and writer Greg LaSala (EastKing) who has summited over 500 mountains nationwide. Greg LaSala is a major writer and administrator for the website Summitpost and is constantly looking for new adventures. He will be bringing along some of his other mountaineering partners to help out with the group. If you desire of hiking and mountaineering that is not the usual Mount Si than this group is for you.

We will be doing a wide variety of hikes and climbs throughout the group. Some will be on the easier and some will make climb to the summit Rainier look like a walk in the park. For these hikes and climbs we have a classification system.

Rating 1: Walk in the park or light hike up to 5 miles and less than 1000 feet of elevation gain. These hikes will not have any scrambles. An example of these type of hikes would be Coal Creek Falls, Lincoln Park, Holder Knob, and Cedar (Echo) Mountain. We will do these hikes from time to time and they will be noted as beginner. Anyone can sign up for these hikes.

Rating 2: This hike is up to 10 miles if it is under 1000 feet of gain (Cherry Creek Falls). The hike will also be between 1000 and 2000 feet of elevation gain provided it is under 7 miles. These hikes will have little or no scrambling. An example of these types of hikes would be Little Si, Rattlesnake Ledge, Poo Poo Point via Chirico, Cedar Butte, and Lake Twentytwo. If the trail has some difficulties or scrambles such as Stegosaurus Butte, we will up it a half grade to a 2+. Snowshoe trip will count for 1 grade up as well. Like a Grade 1 anyone can sign up for these hikes.

Rating 3: Hike between 5-12 miles and up to 3500 feet of elevation gain. Hike could require low level scrambling up to Class 2. An example of this kind of hike would be the true summit of Rattlesnake Mountain, East Tiger Mountain (low end), The Margaret Way trail to the Squak Mountain, Mount Washington and Mount Si without the Haystack scramble. Anyone can sign up for these hikes provided they have the items that are needed for the trip.

Rating 4: Hike from 3500 to 5500 feet of elevation gain or a hike or outing containing a Class 3 scramble, or snow travel. Any example of these types of hikes would be Mailbox, Vesper Peak or Granite Mountain. Mount Si being the gold standard of all hikes, is a borderline peak. If you include the Haystack it has a rating of 4, if not it is a 3. It will be the Organizer's choice if the hike should have a mandatory waitlist. This is to make sure that people on the hike/scramble have the experience and gear to be successful on the hike.

Rating 5: Hike/scramble/climb of over 5500 feet of elevation gain, overnight trip, scramble or Class 5 rock climb. An example of this kind of climb would be Mount Saint Helens, Mount Hood, The Tooth, and Dragontail Mountain. There will be a mandatory waitlist and active members will get preference. When a guest does sign up for a waitlist they must present a history of their hiking and climbing experience. It will be the organizer's decision to include them on the hike and climb.

Rating 6: Hike/scramble/climb of extreme difficulty. An example of this climb would be Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Eldorado or greater. There will be a mandatory waitlist and it will be required that the guest has joined us on at least 5 outings and 1 of the Grade 5 category. It will be the organizer's decision then to take climbers he thinks best would the team.

Attendance will be taken at every event and like most other major groups we will have a two no-shows and you are out of the group policy. You will be responsible for your own safety. Every Organizer and Event Planners are volunteers and are not professional guides.

We want you to join us as we explore the great outdoors right here in the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully you will join us on many of our adventures.

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