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Hello and welcome! This is for anyone interested in the feel-good high of health. Diabetics are welcome as that's my background, but in reality, I encourage everyone because all conditions and "diseases" stem from the same issue.

How many people want to be healthy? Everyone.

How many people actually are? Almost no one.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

My goal is to give people the tools to attain and maintain -- through proper education -- a high level of health.

The idea behind this group is to provide a safe space and environment to ask questions and get answers, or better yet, be left curious... The foundational principle for me is to educate properly so that you can take charge of your own sovereignty.

Simplicity is my core principle. Why? Because I don't know anyone in this day in age whose not conflicted. To me, “results” mean actually feeling better and not just another book spouting the benefits of what could be.

Health is earned and takes conscious effort.

What makes me qualified? Firstly, I've restored my health from toxic and nearly dead -- at a young age -- to alive and thriving. Secondly, I've witnessed many others do the same. What I'm bringing to this group is nearly 15 years of experience trying nearly every diet and many different modalities of healing, (alternative and conventional), both failing and succeeding along the way. I've come off nearly all my medication and healed from many conditions of which the medical model calls "incurable," and inevitable. Although I never intended to spend my whole life doing this, I naturally found myself in love with feeling good and avoiding the opposite; people also starting asking me what I did. As a result, I've found myself a bit hesitant to share due to criticism but also, overbearingly so, pushed to share what I know and love.

I'm going to be addressing different topics because my approach has been and is, integrative (ie physical and emotional).

Health is and always has been FREE. And, as we all know, there’s a stark difference between actually knowing something and doing it.

Welcome and let’s go to health...

*Disclosure: I don't have any formal credentials. I'm not a doctor, physician, dietician or nutritionist, nor do I intend to be. That being said, I also don't intend to treat anyone, for anything. My experience is based on what's worked for me, personally, and what miracles I've witnessed others perform. I'm just sharing my observations.

The bigger vision is to not have this be lectures per-se but rather, action-oriented activities. Dialogue not monologue. Learning by doing. Question-based participation. Because lectures are boring.

My vision also extends beyond health, and I intend to integrate the mind, body, intellect AND soul, as well as romance, psychology, active listening and of course anything and everything to help release people from their stories... (letting go fascinates me)

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