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Our goal is to provide the creative community with an opportunity to meet and learn about the arts-related activities, opportunities and possible collaborations from arts-related organizations. These meetups also give individuals a forum to network with other creative professionals.

The meetups start with a social period before moving on to an agenda that will be announced ahead each month. There will likely be monthly themes or issues of importance to the creative community (such as how to market art) and we’ll also leave plenty of time for open input and discussion.

The Kingston Arts & Action Meetups promise to be a valuable opportunity for anyone involved in arts-related activities in the Kingston area.

The format is evolving, and you can help shape it. Please join us!

MAD (Midtown Arts District (http://www.madkingston.org/)) joined forces with Art Walk Kingston (http://www.artwalkkingston.com/) and Arts MidHudson (http://www.artsmidhudson.org/) to create this new monthly gathering – the Kingston Arts & Action Meetup – at The Beverly Lounge on Foxhall Avenue in Midtown.

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KAAM - December 2022 Meetup Event

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Join us for the Online KAAM Meetup! With everyone indoors we will be hosting an online/streaming KAAM Meetup event. If you plan on attending you must RSVP so that you can access the conference link prior to the event.

Meet the Artist: Archil Pichkhadze
I am a painter and photographer living in the Hudson Valley. Part of my practice is creating narrative Magic Realist paintings.

In this meetup I will show some of these works and talk about how the pictures are made.

I am in love with the visual world. For me, the most important part of making a painting is the act of looking. Careful observation leads to sustained moments of clarity. In these moments I can move beyond preconceptions, experiencing all things mundane as magical.
Every painting presents me with the task of balancing it’s many elements. Much like lines in a poem, in order for the whole to succeed, the parts of the painting have to support and play off of each other. I want each image to hold the viewers gaze, let him or her enter and wonder around a bit, making their own personal connections and discoveries along the way.
In my most recent work the implied narratives have floated much closer to the surface. These images attempt to balance the visual and emotional complexities found at the borders of observational realism, fading memories and lost dreams. I am very interested in further pursuing these ideas, while creating enigmatic paintings with real presence.
My intention is to tell the plain truth, beautifully.

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KAAM - October 2022 Meetup Event

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