What we're about

Hey ladies and gents!

This MOVEMENT is for people who want to take life a little more seriously. For people who are sick of being average...For people who want to become a better parent, friend, husband, wife, businessman/woman...For people who want to take control...For people who want to stop playing victim and to start chasing down their goals like a lion chases a gazelle.

We are looking to to meet in areas such as but not limited to (Lake Ontario Park) or (Cataraqui woods conservation trails). We want to meet in these areas to experience a nature setting where we can be active or we can sit and talk.

We would like to teach the following;
-Mental Toughness
-Networking Skills
-Relationship building skills

and way more!

We sincerely just feel that you only have one life and it's a waste to not take this seriously. So lets try to build a movement of people who want to win. Lets build a diverse community of people all genders, all ages, all shapes and sizes. NO DISCRIMINATION!

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Lake Ontario Park

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