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Welcome to Kingswinford Boardgamers

We are a small group of gamers who get together once a week and play some Tabletop Boardgames.

We meet at The Swan in Kingswinford, Stream Road, Kingswinford DY6 9NW

Every Tuesday at 7.00pm and most weeks we play until around 11pm.

We play many different types of games, many you probably have never heard of......

and that’s a good thing!

We try and make the Meetup as casual as possible. Many people have no real experience with tabletop boardgames other than Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit But there are hundreds of different genres, styles,
themes and settings to choose from.

Anyone can come and join us, there’s no age or skill limit. Just turn up and have fun. You could even just pop in and say hello. If it’s not your thing, not a problem, at least you tried.

If you want to get an idea of the sorts of games we play I highly recommend you check out Tabletop on Geek and Sundry. Many of the games they play there we also play and it’s one of the main reasons why I created this Meetup.

Upcoming events (2)

Escape Room Event

Clue HQ Birmingham - The Live Escape Game

Welcome to the first Escape Room Event! Open to all members who've been on a Tuesday past and present! The date and time will need to be discussed, but they're open in the evenings, so that may be easier than a weekend. We'll just see who can make what. Numbers can be anything up to 18. If we only get 5-6 people then we can do one room, but if we get more we can do multiple rooms head to head. https://cluehq.co.uk/birmingham/

D&D Campaign


It's looking doubtful we'll be back in person any time soon, so to try something a bit different, I'd like to start a D&D campaign with anyone who wants to play. I've done a few one shots, but this will be a longer story. The day and time are up for discussion. We'll play it over Discord and Roll 20, you don't need to buy anything, all you need is a pen, paper and a microphone. Just let me know if you'd like to join.

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Games Night Online - Table Top Simulator


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