What we're about

We are KAC - The Kink Aware Collective! KAC is a pan-sexual, pan-fetish, BDSM and kink organization based in Northern New Jersey and NYC.

We welcome everyone to join us regardless of orientation, age (18+), kink (involving consenting adults), relationship style (poly sexual, polyamorous, monogamous), race, beliefs etc.

We would like to invite those who are in the lifestyle, new to the scene, or just curious about BDSM to come to our events, meet us, socialize with us, and learn with us. We exist to support, educate, and socialize with one another in a safe and consensual domain.

Each of our members possess a variety of experience, different education in related lifestyle activities, and have widely diverse interests.

Established in 2015, KAC is a social and educational group that gets together to socialize with other like-minded adults. Our Meetups are reoccurring events where friends (and more) are made every month. KAC members come from all sorts of diverse backgrounds and lifestyle types so come out and spend time with us!

Group Rules

This is a safe space for people to be their absolute selves so the following rules will be along those lines.

Be a good person - This means treating all members with respect. We understand people may have a difference of opinion but no one is required to agree with you. Please keep discussions online and in person civil. Abusive comments will be removed immediately and being rude in person will result in a verbal warning before a ban goes into affect. So please just be nice.

Consent - We follow the rule of enthusiastic consent if they are not enthusiastic it does not count as consent!

The only thing you own is yourself - This means that treating other people as your property is not allowed, everyone is autonomous here and must give permission. This includes all touching! You may love giving hugs but this may not be something everyone is comfortable with. Please simply ask for consent (ex. "May I give you a hug?" if enthusiastic consent is given with a "Yes!" go for it.) If not, it is not an insult they are their own independent selves not there for your amusement.

Welcome new members - Everyone was new at one time or another. Please make it a habit to go out of your way to make new members feel comfortable and introduce yourself to them at munches.

Give back - We are a community and as such must act like it. We should all give back and support each other as members and as a lifestyle as a whole. Please make a point of offering your skills to others by volunteering as a munch leader, discussion leader, dungeon monitor, holding a new member orientation, hosting a party, teaching a class or acting as a service top or bottom. To make this work we need each and every one of you! :)

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