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Safely explore and learn about Boston gay BDSM, bondage and
erotic m4m spanking in a healthy atmosphere.

Meet with other friendly Boston gay and bisexual men interested in exploring kink, BDSM and fetish in a safe, fun and healthy ways whether privately and in group events.

Join us if you would like to meet and connect offline with other men. The online experience is not the only way, and it is not necessary to have a lot of experience, gear & dungeon equipment, spend time in bars, or travel to a national event to have a hot, safe, fun time.

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About Kink Friendly Men

The focus of the Kink Friendly Men group is to offer resources in greater Boston and New England for men who want to explore, learn and play with other men in creative, safe, healthy, and fun ways.

Our mission is to empower gay and bisexual men to explore their sexuality and to help them say a heartfelt 'Yes!' to pleasure. We do this by creating safe and friendly spaces where Boston gay men can explore authentic BDSM and co-create fun experiences that foster community, and expand pleasure and intimacy.

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While we welcome adult men of all experience levels, our focus is on men who consider themselves beginner to intermediate in their BDSM experience and skills, and want to explore in fun, nonjudgmental settings that promote community.

Join us if you are a gay or bisexual man interested in (or want to learn more about) role play, bondage, erotic spanking, power and surrender, applications of spirituality and gay tantra in gay BDSM or other forms of kink and fetish play.

Our Values

We support nonjudgmental, safe and friendly interaction in line with the following values

Taking a journey into better and more communicative sex.

The transformational nature of pleasure

The power of curiosity as an antidote to judgment of self and others.

Practices aligned with the ethos of "Safe sane, and Consensual" (SSC) and "Risk, Aware Consensual Kink" (RACK)

Clear communication and consent, freedom of choice and friendly negotiation in a welcoming, nonjudgmental setting.

Making clear and informed choices about safety including choices about safer sex practices.

The freedom to always say "no" with an invitation to find your "yes" in any given moment.

The power of erotic energy for self-discovery and personal transformation.

The importance of understanding the curious nature of eroticism and awareness of its impact.

Consent and Safety

Events offered by this group are led by a variety of different facilitators each of whom is independent. The format of each event varies. Carefully read the event description and ask any questions before deciding an event is for you. Some events are discussion based and others may be experiential. Some may involve consensual touch and somatic learning activities. Our quality standards include the expectation that facilitators ensure that the event description matches what will actually happen at the event.

All activities are done only with your consent which you may withdraw at any time. All participants and facilitators are required to respect the boundaries and behavioral guidelines set for the group experience as well as specific choices of individuals they connect with. Some events have more structure than others. To create a safe space for everyone, our events are not for spectators, and so there may sometimes be specific behavior guidelines for those who choose to not participate in a specific learning activity which could range from sitting in a designated part of the room as a sacred witness up to and including possibly being asked to leave the room. If you have questions, please contact the facilitator of that specific event.

At every point within any event you attend, you need to take care of yourself. Asking for what you want, saying “No” or asking for things to be changed or slowed down is your responsibility if you are not comfortable with what is happening. Remember that no one can read your mind. They won’t know what you need unless you ask. That said, the facilitator can help you if asked and most often the session will include helpful exercises and guidance to support your being comfortable navigating experiential activities.

Meeting new people can be great fun, but at the same time we encourage you to do it safely. As would be appropriate with any community group, please exercise caution and due diligence about who you share personal information with and who you meet with privately, which you do entirely at your own risk.

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the opportunity to explore BDSM and kink in a safe, creative, fun and healthy atmosphere.

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