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KinnecTek brings cool people, living in a cool place together to do some pretty cool things, monthly. Connecting location neutral businesses and employees with each other and other businesses to bring together ideas and passions, we hope to make our little slice of heaven in Steamboat a place we continue to love to live and to work.

What is KinnecTek:

Kinetic Energy - The ideas and motivation that keeps you moving forward
Connections - Who you do things with is just as important as how you do them, Networking is a key to this event!
Technology - Using Technology to move Ideas forward, but not is an overly Techie way (hence the tek). But don't worry at heart we all love Techies!

This is a monthly networking event for connectors, forward thinkers, entrepreneurs and tech-types in Steamboat. We want you all to join us at this free event!

Connectors - People that connect people and ideas.
Forward Thinkers - People who strive for how things can be, and how we can move things forward.
Entrepreneurs - People willing to take their ideas and create with considerable initiative.
Tech-Types - People who integrate technology in their lives to make life more enjoyable.

Now you have an idea of what we do! It's time to join up and start contributing!

Are you a entrepreneur, accountant, banker, investor, developer, designer, lawyer, business coach, seasoned professional, project manager, enthusiast, contributor, idea woman, marketer, or jobless? If you are any of these, you belong here. Not one of these? You belong here too! People here want to make things happen. As long as you want to make things happen, you belong here!

Holly Hale - 305 Spin
John Moore - 305 Spin
Bradley Baker- 305 Spin
Josh Nowak - Zirkel Wireless (Gold Sponsor)
Mark Fitzgerald - Butcherknife Brewing Company (Silver Sponsor)
Barbara Robinson - Holiday Inn Steamboat Springs (Silver Sponsor)

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