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Meditation has many benefits, like greater focus, relaxation, and a feeling of peace. But it doesn't have to stop there. Meditation can be a powerful tool we can harness to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Through meditation, we can create the lives we truly want. Come to our meetup and learn simple, effective ways to change your life using energy meditation. It's simple and fun. Our group is appropriate for anyone and everyone. If you have never heard the word "meditation" before, or if you have been meditating for years, please join us. We're really excited to have you!

We often use Korean words to benefit our members by connecting them to the greater awareness that the words carry and to honor Body and Brain Yoga's cultural roots.


Ban-gap-sum-ni-da means "happy to see you" and is usually said at the start of a class or when you walk in the door.

Kam-sa-ham-ni-da means "thank you" and is usually said at the conclusion of a class or when you are leaving the center.

Ah, shi-won-ha-da! We usually say this several times in class, and it means "feels so good"

Energy Centers

Ki: Life Energy( also known as "chi" or "qi").

Chun-ji-ki-un: Universal energy in its purest form. Also it is often called "Life Particles".

Baek-Hwe: An energy center at the top of the head, the crown chakra.

Dahn-jon: An energy center in the body where energy is accumulated. Usually it refers to the energy center located in the lower abdomen.

Class Etiquette

Bowing is an important part of the etiquette in a Body and Brain Yoga center. Every class begins and ends with a bow and greeting. When you bow, it prepares your mind to focus inward and encourages you to respect all life forms.

Please come to class 10 minutes early for warm-up exercises.

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