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DO KISS! DO TELL! The #Royals && I will gather for events and discussion designed to help us to rise in love. We will discuss taboo topics && unpack naked truths about love && life. QUESTION: Why is that resources/support are readily available to #levelup in every area (career, finances, education, fitness, etc.) of our lives except our love/relationship lives?! WHHHY?! Especially when we love love the way we do?! Well, I’ve been working hard for the past two years to change that, && the supportive, inclusive, judgement-free sessions I create in-person, are now available online! This highly anticipated, LONG overdue session features the most enjoyable parts of my workshops/presentations (Q&A, “Lady’s Notes,” Kiss Status/Reports, and Dance Breaks when needed), along with special guests and experts on elevating. Designed for the undercover lovers && [hopeful] romantics in all of us, learn, laugh, && level up in your love life, as we break the silence, embrace our truths, && explore the topics, habits, and occurrences that are holding us emotionally and romantically hostage. Get real, get free and register for our first session on Tuesday, November 20th at 7:00 p.m. (EST). Don’t forget to tell a friend.

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