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Bring money to but something from Panera as a thank you for the meetup space. This meetup is particularly designed for individuals who are seeking business success, customer base growth, expansion or individuals looking for a solid business to start here in Florida with a support base, marketing and promotion, networking, locked in customers and funding resources all in one - this meetup is for you! Come ready to start your business or to tie your existing business into our network for success and growth! This meetup is also very good for people thinking about getting into a franchise but not sure if that is the way you should go and is a precursor to the next meetup which will focus entirely on Franchises.


1483 E. Osceola Parkway · Kissimmee, FL

Respond by: 1/3/2019

What we're about

What Makes Us Better Than Any Other Business Networking Meetup?

We do more than just meetup and socialize - we actually help promote and grow your business!
We do this through our city-wide CUNA Business Centers and virtual marketing teams who actively promote our premium members and support their businesses as virtual staffing providing more man power, professionalism, and we help build trust in the eyes of your clients by adding credibility to your business at no greater cost than premium membership to this meetup!

We provide expansion to other markets and cities by connecting with our other CUNA facilities continually added throughout the state and country.

We provide your business with technical support and funding resources to ensure success against all the odds!

Are you ready to start and/or grow your business? Then CUNA is for you!


We Have TWO (2) Levels of Membership:
1 - Regular Meetup Members (50 limit)
2 - PREMIUM: CUNA Participating Members

CUNA PREMIUM members are not listed on this meetup nor attend these public meetups.
CUNA PREMIUM members are actively participating in our exclusive program and are enjoying the benefits that help them correctly start, position, grow and expand their businesses across the USA!

Regular Meetup members MUST attend a minimum of 1 Meetup every 3 months and can only remain Regular members for 6 months total in order to free up space for new members who want to join our exclusive meetup program.


If you have a business or are starting one you need to join this meetup. We will have separate events for Brick & Mortar (Storefronts/offices), Home-based, and Professionals.

We will help your business grow, expand and prosper. Only one business of a type will be allowed as a member - sorry. First come - spot taken, don't wait!

Our special events feature coordinated social domination strategies, development of word of mouth, marketing strategies and implementation, and the development of many assistants helping to promote your business and getting you customers or clients.

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