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Are you a spiritual adventurer?


Meet with people of all different backgrounds who share a passion for spirituality—who seek to have actual spiritual experiences, such as lucid or significant dreams, out-of-body travel, past-life recall, and encounters with spiritual beings—and to grow from these experiences to bring more meaning, purpose and joy to daily life.

Come share your spiritual experiences—or your desire to have them—in an open, friendly setting where no one is pushing their beliefs on anyone else. We'll discuss what these experiences mean to us and share techniques we use to explore our inner worlds. Join us to connect with other like-minded Souls and learn new ways of exploring your inner worlds.

We offer informal spiritual discussions, workshops and other events that will help you to explore your inner worlds and to thrive spiritually. Our goals are to help our members validate their spiritual experiences, understand what their experiences really mean, and gain new and advanced ways of exploring their inner worlds. Our topics have included

*Meditation and Contemplation,
*Astral Projection and Soul Travel,
*Finding Your Purpose,
*Letting Go of Fears,
*Creating Your Reality with the Spiritual Laws of Life,
*Accessing Your Own Inner Wisdom,
*Spiritual Growth and Transformation,
*Angels, Masters, and Inner Guides,
*How Past Lives Affect Us Today,
*Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships,

and many more, depending on the interests of the group.

There is never a cost for coming to and participating in our group meetings--just come and enjoy!

Sponsored by members of Eckankar as a community service.
Eckankar is an ancient spiritual teaching that helps people to make spiritual experiences an everyday reality in their life.
Eckankar Ontario website: http://www.eckankar-on.ca/ or Eckankar worldwide:http://eckankar.org (http://eckankar.org/)

Upcoming events (5+)

Karma: A Loving Gift from God? (ECK Light and Sound Service)

Downtown Community Centre

"You are Soul, an immortal being created in the timeless worlds. You existed before birth and endure beyond time and space. God made Soul before the worlds of time and space began." "Soul comes to earth from the higher spiritual worlds to add to Its experiences. It inherits many lifetimes for the chance to learn." " And learn It must." —Harold Klemp, Spiritual Wisdom on Karma and Reincarnation (http://www.eckbooks.org/items/Spiritual_Wisdom_on_Karma_and_Reincarnation-1097-0.html), pg. 1 Many people have begun to understand that we are much more than our bodies, our emotions, or even our minds. Some people have even had glimpses, memories, or insights into lives they have lived before. Others have witnessed the Law of Cause and Effect at work in their lives, and have begun to suspect that what we give out through our thoughts, words, and actions really does come back to us. But why? How does karma really work? Is it a loving gift from God when things go wrong? And what role do fate and free will play in determining and allowing us to move beyond the conditions of our lives? At the heart of such questions and experiences is the opportunity to learn who we really are as Soul, an eternal, creative spiritual being. Like actors on a stage, we come back over and over in different costumes, different lives, to learn about our true spiritual identity and nature. Please join us to share in the discussion of karma as a gift in our lives. You'll also have an opportunity to try a simple spiritual exercise that can help you to understand and fully benefit from both past life and present experiences! Discussions are always free. Hope to see you there! Graphic Courtesy of Claude Gruffy Sponsored by Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Animals Are Soul, Too! (Spiritual Discussion)

Waterloo Adult Recreation Centre

"Soul exists because God loves It. It's very simple. And when two Souls set up a bond of love, it is stronger and more enduring than eternity. It doesn't matter if the two Souls are human beings or if one them happens to be a bird, a dog, a cat, or another animal form." —Harold Klemp, Animals Are Soul, Too (http://www.eckbooks.org/items/Animals_Are_Soul_Too-80-8.html), pg. ix Many of us have had beloved animal companions in our lives. The bond we share with them is a deep and special one. Some of us may also have wondered what happens to our animal friends when they die. Do they go to heaven? Can they return to us again? And can they really know our feelings, as they seem to do? Behind all of these wonderings is the basic question about the spiritual nature of animals. Are they spiritual beings, too, just like we are? Join us to share experiences about the spiritual awareness of animals, what they can teach us, and how they are carriers of divine love. Come to share your thoughts and stories, and listen while other individuals share theirs. You will also have an opportunity to try a simple spiritual exercise which can bring inner peace, happiness, and so much more. It can even help us connect more deeply to the love that is all around us, including the special love that we share with our pets! Complimentary refreshments, good company, and good conversation. Hope to see you there! Photo © 2015 by Sally Harris Sponsored by Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Experience HU: The Sound of Soul (Group Contemplation and Conversation)

Waterloo Adult Recreation Centre

Would you like to experience one of the most sacred mantras in the world, a prayer of the highest sort? Throughout the ages, followers of many spiritual traditions have used prayer, the chanting of holy words, and meditation to bring themselves closer to God. In the same way, those who have discovered HU, an ancient name for God, sing it for their spiritual upliftment. Here is a short video on the HU Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvecTKM_-wk Regardless of your beliefs or faith, you can sing HU to bring more Divine Love into your life. This simple contemplation can also bring you an experience with the Light and Sound of God, a direct communication from Spirit that can transform and uplift your consciousness. When you sing HU and sit in quiet contemplation, the Light may appear as brightness or colors on your inner visual screen. The Sound may be musical or the sounds of nature, such as the wind or the ocean. Singing HU can calm your mind, inspire a sense of peace, and bring you insights into your life. Many people feel that singing HU with a group helps them to set aside the chatter of the mind and more fully immerse themselves in the spiritual experiences that this contemplation can provide. Some feel a vortex of spiritual energy that allows them to emerge refreshed. You are warmly invited to join some like-minded people for this community HU Song. The chanting lasts for about 20 minutes, with a five-minute silent contemplation afterward. This could be just the spiritual boost you’ve been looking for! Presented by Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Relationships and Spiritual Growth: ECK Light and Sound Service

Downtown Community Centre

" Everything revolves around love. It always does. No matter how much we rush about in this world and how harried, ambitious, or sorrowful we become, the world stays together for some reason. The reason is God's love." — Harold Klemp, Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships (http://www.eckbooks.org/items/Spiritual_Wisdom_on_Relationships-75-0.html), pg. 1 Soul exists because God loves it. It's very simple. And when two Souls set up a bond of love, it is stronger and more enduring than eternity. It doesn't matter if the two Souls are human beings or if one of them happens to be a bird, a dog, a cat, or another animal form. Love holds the fabric of our lives together. What are some of the ways that the relationships in your life bring you spiritual insights, lessons and gifts? Come to share your thoughts and experiences on the spiritual nature of relationships. You'll also have an opportunity to try a simple spiritual exercise or two that may help you in your journey to self-mastery. Discussions are always free. Hope to see you there! A complimentary copy of the book, Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships, will be available while supplies last. Graphic by Claude Gruffy Sponsored by Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom

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