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KiwiPink is a safe environment for Kiwi women that have a common ground by trying our many cycle trails as one. Where did I get KiwiPink from:

• Kiwi stands for pride and endearment being a nickname for New Zealanders

• Pink stands for unconditional love and understanding associated with giving and receiving care. ... In colour psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive colour that inspires warm and comforting feelings.

Why am I doing this? I wanted to be part of a women's network group that provides emotional support, and friendship. Because I want this then there must be other women out there that are wanting the same. Last year I purchased a MTB to gain confidence while seeing our beautiful country of NZ. It is much nicer to experience this with women. There are few different types of women MTB riders:

• Crazy full on MTBikers (oh yeah)

• Trail bike riders

• Women riding with their partners/husbands etc (and get left behind)

• Haven't ridden since young and wanted to try it again without embarrassment.

I fit into all except the first type. Interest got started via a women's network. A get together and do cycle trips around NZ and even venture further afield to other countries. KiwiPink rider will gain confidence, friendship while having fun. Contribute towards a cycle spot for a women in need. This would be the true empowerment of KiwiPink.

What do you need to be part of this awesome group:

• Aspire to make new friendships

• Need mentor-ship

• Want a bit of exercise

• Enjoy the outdoors

• Be open minded

• Caring, compassionate and loving

• Looking for confidence and empowerment

• Share life experiences and skills

• Ridden a bike

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Ride for you

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