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Time for a New Year & a New YOU!
This group is for anyone interested in the Ketogenic or Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) diet for health and weight loss. We will support each other, learn and grow together in this Low Carb and Keto lifestyle group. Bring your questions, recipes, success stories or struggles.
We will rely on the current medical science presented in books, YouTube, & websites of Diet Doctor Andreas Eenfeldt, MD (Swedish) www.DietDoctor.com, William Davis, MD (USA Cardiologist) author of "Wheat Belly", & "UnDoctored", Dr. Ken D. Berry, MD (USA Family Practice) author of "Lies My Doctor Told Me" & YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/KenDBerry to name a few.
Do you feel like you're on a medical treadmill of pills, symptom management, and not finding answers? Would you like to lose weight without feeling hungry? Sleep better, regain mental clarity, reverse or stave off disease? Then please join us for a fresh approach by honoring your ancient evolutionary means.
Bring your enthusiasm, and let's share this journey to restorative health and longevity.

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Keto on the Go! Tips for Travel, Social Situations, & Snacks!

Medlock Oaks Business Park

Eat butter, lose weight!

Medlock Oaks Business Park

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