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• If you find yourself wanting to put your best foot forward but feeling like you’re far from your best in fact your tired…no depleted…no exhausted so you forgo social events.

• You’d like to learn the tools to better handle the stress and pressure of a world that’s always plugged in.

• If you find yourself saying “Is this it? Is this all that there is?”

• You crave a network of peers to laugh and bounce ideas off of.

• If you know you’re not alone in your struggles but still feel so alone.

• If you’re ready to master the tools and learn how to take the first step towards meaningful connection.

• If you’re worried that you’re too emotional for others and wondering if they can handle it so you wind us passing on connection because you’re worried about being judged.

• If you feel like you’re leaning way too much on your family for emotional support.
Ready to learn how to listen to your feelings because they are telling you something.


Your all-access pass of $1395 includes all 6 gatherings, a private coaching session with Heather (valued at $225), plus reading and online resources to support your ongoing development during and long after the program is over.

If you decide to become an ongoing client of Heather's, this program is offered at $795.
• Meditation & Breathing – experiential guided exercises

• Tools to overcoming social anxiety – in a community of supportive women

• Body Positive – workouts, language, and self-concept

• Uncover who you are – And really like and accept her.

• What it takes to enjoy where you’re at on your journey.

• Better communication skills

• Authenticity exercise to feel comfortable in a variety of situations

• Tailored articles and reading material – wisdom is power

• Individual coaching session with Heather

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