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What we’re about

Join if you have the desire to learn more about yourself and get in touch with your inner guidance and authenticity.

Inside we have all the answers, we just have to learn how to listen.

As we move through life, we absorb so many messages from the society, from our parents, from everyone we meet along the road, that we come to the point where we think we know what we want and we are going towards it, only later to reach the destination and to never feel fulfilled.

It is all seems not enough.​

The life becomes a constant struggle of trying to get somewhere, trying to become someone, trying to make it all count.

We are bombarded with life hacks and self-improvement books that present themselves as life manuals, that give you all the ‘hows’, but we never stop and ask “why?”.

Why do I want to be successful? What is my real true desire in life? What would my dream life look like?

We absorb ideas from the outside. We call ourselves ambitious, or not at all, based on our own behaviour. But if we don’t know the root of this behaviour, if we don’t understand how our mind works, it is the same as walking through the life blinded-folded.

To really see, to really understand life, we have to open our eyes. We have to get to know this person, this body, this mind that is taking us on this journey.

I have created 6 pathways to self-knowledge:
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Thought Work
- Psychotherapy
- Astrology
- Psychedelics

All of them were influential in my own journey and helped to gain a multi-facet perspective on the nature of my own mind and body. They helped me to get in touch with the deeper aspect of my self and really turn my life around 360 degrees for the better. I hope they will do the same for you.

This is a safe space and absolutely everyone is welcome.