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Know Yourself, Understand and Uplift Others, with Spot-on, Accurate Tarot Meet-up

Would you like to up-level your skill at “reading” people?

Are you interested in personal spiritual growth as well as advancing your ability to inspire hope and healing for others?

You will benefit from this Meetup if:

You have experience with tarot, astrology, and/or numerology.

You want to learn a hidden number system that reveals the interconnecting links between and among tarot, astrology ad numerology and opens new levels of insight.

You would like to join others in co-creating a once a month social event where the participants in this Meetup will be encouraged to practice their new skills with strangers.

This Meetup is organized by Hattie Parker, MS Ed, Astrologer, Numerologist, Card and Aura Reader. Its purpose is to BOTH teach a system of combining metaphysical tools for high level accuracy and to create opportunities for Meetup participants to practice their new skills.

The Spot-on Accurate Tarot system Hattie is teaching has been honed over a 30 year career. It is based upon entertaining at parties and consulting with clients. This Meetup is both about personal and professional skill development and events where the system can be put to the test with practice. Ultimately, it may evolve to be a couple of different Meetups. And, however for logistical ease if you are interested in learning and/or receiving readings at events you are encouraged to attend the organizational meetings. The system will be demonstrated with readings for those ins attendance.

NOTES; If you are rank beginner be prepared to be challenged as there is a large volume of content. If you enjoy planning events join us — we need you! Our goal is to in the process of creating hands on learning to engage a wide circle of interested people many of whom will have an interest and no previous experience with the subject matter.

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Learn the Know Yourself/understand Others Spot-on Tarot in a Day

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The system of "getting" Tarot I have developed and used for over 2 decades is easy to learn and I guarantee you will be effective in helping you be a better card reader. I am just beginning to teach it to others and I am choosing, rather than teach it one week at a time in bits and pieces, to offer a class/workshop to teach it as a whole system in a one day class/workshop. This instruction will be sufficient to empower you to use and benefit from knowing it. Beginner to advanced students will be accommodated. The date is time is listed above. This will be workshop for a small group who truly want to learn. To assure it is this I going to I want to talk to you in advance if you want to attend. Send me an email [masked] and i will connect with you. Upon taking I will also send you added details. Thank you

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