What we're about

Discover how to get the attention of your target market in order to communicate your value proposition and turn leads to meaningful relationships which can help your business succeed. Our Meetups help you gain a better understanding on how deliver the message into the right channel to carry further than you first expect - no matter the size of your business, the industry you are in or who you engage with. Learn the importance of tone of voice and how you start the conversation to lead to a great business introduction. Discover how to prioritise which products or services to sell to your target client.

MEETUPS in 2016

Meetup events run quarterly and go into deeper and specific detail areas of the value proposition. Once you get a clear understanding on how you can apply to your own corporate value proposition you can improve your position to prospects. If you wish to be involved as a co-organizer, please get in touch.

Past events (2)

Mastering Business Introductions

Servcorp Boardroom