Knowledge Graphs to fight Covid-19

Knowledge Graphs Meetup
Knowledge Graphs Meetup
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The are several ongoing KG projects to represent all useful information to fight the Coronavirus. Let's see how useful we can be by joining efforts.

12:00pm EST - François Scharffe, Meetup organizer and Chair of the Knowledge Graph Conference. Introduction.
12:15pm EST - Kinglsey Idehen, CEO at OpenLink Software, working on publishing linked data on Covid-19 publications
12:30pm EST - Gilles Vandewiele, PhD student at University of Gent, he and his labe created a KG on scientific literature on covid-19
12:45pm EST - Amit Weitzner, Co-founder and CSO at,
1pm EST - Leo Meyerovich, co-founder at Graphistry,
1:15pm EST - Peter Rose, Director, Structural Bioinformatics Lab, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD,
1:30pm EST - Martin Preusse, Founder at Kaiser & Preusse,
1:45pm EST François Scharffe, Closing Remarks