Knowledge Graphs to Fight Covid-19 - Part II

Knowledge Graphs Meetup
Knowledge Graphs Meetup
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Due to demand and many speakers who did not have the opportunity to present last week we are organizing another Meetup on the same topic.

12:00pm EST - François Scharffe, Meetup organizer and Chair of the Knowledge Graph Conference. Introduction.
12:15pm EST - Chris Mungal, Department Head, Molecular Ecosystems Biology, Berkeley Lab,
12:30pm EST - Aaron Bradley, The Graph Lounge, (Aaron will present the recent Covid-19 vocabulary).
12:45pm EST - David Booth, Yosemite Project,
1pm EST - Egon Willighagen, Department of Bioinformatics - BiGCaT
Maastricht University.
1:15 EST - Kurt Kagle, Founder, Semantical LLC. On news and safety measures aggregation.
1:30 EST - Q&A
1:45pm EST - François Scharffe, Closing Remarks
sse, Founder at Kaiser & Preusse,
1:45pm EST François Scharffe, Closing Remarks