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Over Millions of Years, Evolution has been establishing mechanisms in mammals, including in humans, that, when triggered appropriately and at optimal time intervals, can introduce profound positive changes in our physical and cognitive health.

Ancient peoples around the world figured out how to trigger these mechanisms by a wide variety of intervention techniques. Herbs, health enhancing spiritual practices, body manipulations, and, in East Asia, the use of pressure points and sharp sticks. The Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine systems are just the two most sophisticated systems for health discovered by the ancients around the globe.

Fast forward a few thousand years...

These techniques can still work, some profoundly so, when performed in just the right way. But now, also, we have dramatically increased clarity about the physiological and biological basis for their efficacy: they all, in one way or another, inhibit inflammatory processes in those who use them.

The image above contains pics from 3 scientific Survival Probability studies. On the left, electro-acupuncture was shown to profoundly increase survival probability in rodents after lethal inflammation administration. On the right, most rodents receiving doses of acetylcholine or had a specific vagus nerve fiber stimulated survived puncturing of their intestines and the inflammation that followed. And, in older, wild-type humans, those with higher Heart Rate Variability had a significantly increased probability of survival vis-a-vis those with lower HRV.

Is their a single Biological Mechanism of Action underlying all three of these scientific study results?

In his talk on April 7th, Steve Buss will summarize the 3 experiments shown in that graphic image as an introduction to a set of talks he's prepared to give. Evidently, Evolution has been establishing mechanisms, and an unusual single mechanism, in humans that can provide for increasing leverage over our cognitive and physical hralth, when we trigger it in just the right way.

In comments to this Meetup, Steve will provide links to short videos and more detailed scientific studies providing helpful background and supporting evidence for this talk.

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Steve had a serious health crisis 20 years ago. Since then, he's spent 10,000+ hours researching and writing pseudonymously about topics related to innate mechanisms we have within us for triggering greater health.

At his last blood test, his Teloyear age was 44 while his calendar year age was 18 years older. He once accidentally cured himself of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He’s worked as a Database Application Software Engineer for 35 years and is the organizer of The Bend Big Picture Book Club meetup.