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This is a group for those interested in primarily beginning photography, whether you want to take formal lessons, just learn from others, or practice with a group and possibly share your own knowledge.

The Organizer has taught group and individual lessons since 2010. If you have a digital camera you would like to learn how to use better, you can go from being nervous about just turning it on to feeling comfortable with using many different camera settings to improve your photography within a four-week period.

Classroom lessons will be taught at various times on selected evenings at Hobby Lobby in Turkey Creek, at Farragut Town Hall, and possibly other locations. Individual and small group lessons can be at my home or the student’s home or office at a mutually convenient time. I also welcome suggestions for other venues for for any size group (up to eight students).

Prices are $30 per one to 1.5 hours classroom, individual, or small group lessons--four lessons in all.

You can take whichever lessons you like. However, because of the mostly cumulative nature of the course, it is highly recommended (but not required) that each lesson be taken before the next one (unless you are already proficient in a preceding area).

This course is not only for strict beginners, but also for more experienced people who either want a refresher or who have never had formal classroom instruction.

See what other students are saying about this class:

“Tommy is very approachable and easy to ask questions.” –Leigh Anne Allen

“I gained more hands-on knowledge about my camera . . . Great fellowship, great tips on taking better pictures.” –Rebecca Baker

“The entire experience has been wonderful . . . I felt totally comfortable asking for any assistance.” –Brenda W. Tyson

There are four weekly lessons total. Here are some of the main points covered:

Lesson 1. Camera Controls 1--along with Camera Controls 2, helps you learn about most of the buttons and dials on the outside of your camera, what they do, and how/when to use them; DSLR’s vs. mirrorless cameras, recommended gear, camera cleaning, shutter release modes.
Lesson 2. Camera Controls 2—a continuation of Camera Controls 1. Live view, exposure compensation button, memory card formatting, common menu functions, lenses and focusing techniques, focus modes, focus points and zones.
Lesson 3. Exposure 1—along with Exposure 2, how to control exposure, especially when the auto mode does not give you the proper exposure. Shutter priority, aperture priority, manual mode, metering modes, shutter speeds, f-stops.
Lesson4. Exposure 2 -- a continuation of Exposure 1. ISO, equivalent exposures, flash exposure compensation, histogram, reflectors, neutral density filters.

Aside from the formal lessons, we will also plan to go on walks or hikes where no instructor fee will be charged.

If you think you may be able to go to an event, please RSVP “Yes” so you can get notifications of any updates/changes for the event, and so that the event organizer will remember that you might be there. You can change your RSVP if you see that you cannot go.

Members with two no-shows without an acceptable reason will be banned from the group. These policies are in place to make our experiences better for everyone!

Members are also encouraged to suggest and host their own Meetups, even in the event I cannot go myself. (Mornings and weekends are generally not good for me.) Just let me know the details of what you want to do and we will see about setting it up.

After joining this group, you are welcome to join our Facebook group. This is where many of the photos and videos will be posted:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/18416739560... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/184167395605185/) .

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