R Benutzer Treffen Köln / R user meeting in Cologne


Fans and friends of R, let's meet again to talk about our favorite language for statistical programming, anything related to data and the purpose of life.


18:15 Welcome

18:30 Talks

Markus Gesmann: Generalised Linear Models in R

Generalised linear models (GLMs) are a flexible generalization of linear models, with applications in many disciplines. This talk will give an introduction to GLMs from a distribution-centric point of view. Using a small toy data set we will discuss how different assumptions about the data generating process lead to different assumptions about the distribution of the data (response variable) and therefore different GLMs.

Stephan Porz: Is R fit to create reproducible results?

We've probably all experienced it: We need to work with some code from over a year ago that at the time perfectly ran and yielded proper results. Now, a bunch of OS and R updates later, everything falls to pieces. Sometimes we get a proper error message and immediatly solve the issue. But sometimes changes manifest in a more subtle way. Maybe some of the results get spoiled. Maybe this goes unnoticed until it's too late. In this talk I'll share some of our experiences and explore various ways of how reproducibility can be achieved.

From 20:00 Klönen & Kölsch

Beers, snacks and pizzas will be provided.