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November Virtual R Lightning Talks

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Jessica P. and David
November Virtual R Lightning Talks


The outline for the virtual meetup is as follows:

## Talk #1

Rachael Dempsey - Delivering Reproducible Insights with RStudio Connect

### About the talk

RStudio Connect is a publishing platform and computation engine for the work that teams create in R and Python. Connect provides a convenient place to share Shiny applications, R Markdown reports, dashboards, plots, models, APIs, Jupyter Notebooks, interactive Python content, and more. In this presentation, I will provide an overview of RStudio Connect and show how individuals are taking the work they have done on their own desktop and deploying that so anyone can interact with it, without having to know anything about R or Python themselves.

### About Rachael

Hi! I'm Rachael and I'm a Senior Enterprise Advocate at RStudio, helping data scientists from all over the world do more for their organization with RStudio's tools. I live in Boston and also organize the Boston useR Group, which are of course virtual now and open to anyone who is interested in attending. I love making people happy and learning from everyone I meet. In my role, I get to talk to awesome people every day and learn about what they're accomplishing with data. When I'm not working, I enjoy being active outside, doing yoga, running, playing guitar, trying new foods, and finding live music. I really like meeting new people and connecting others, so please say hello!

## Talk #2

Dirk Eddelbuettel - Using R via Rocker: A Brief Introduction with Examples

### About the talk
The Rocker Project (Docker Containers for the R Environment,, which is joint work with Carl Boettiger and Noam Ross, started in June of 2014 when Docker was still very new. The project has several hundred forks, over 1500 GitHub stars, and more than two million downloads on Docker Hub. This short talk will introduce the Rocker project, share a little of its history, and will demo use of a few applications of Rocker containers.

### About Dirk
Dirk Eddelbuettel ( left U Karlsruhe in the fall of 1990 for France aiming for two quick terms ... and has yet to return. Following graduate studies in France he settled in Canada only to then move to the USA in 2000. He has contributed to the Debian and R projects since the mid- and late 1990s, and maintains and/or (co)-authors a number of packages in each. After more than two decades in quantitative finance, he now works on R integration for TileDB, a universal data engine, and teaches a Data Science Programming class at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

## Social Gathering

After the talks we want you to virtually meet, chat, network, and discuss interesting topics.