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If you're reading this description then you probably already know that the Internet of Things is a big deal. Depending on which estimate you read there will be 8bn to 20bn new connected devices coming online in the next 5ish years. Pretty neat huh? Well, theres a lot of questions as to how that actually happens. At Konekt we build tools to try to make it easier to connect things to the internet; this meet up is designed to be the IRL version of our product. We want to bring together all the makers, tinkers, hardcore embedded technologists, creatives, n00bs, and just about anyone else in Chicago that is interested in the Internet of Things and learning more about how to build the future. We'll aim to do this by having a meetup once a month where we get one or speakers to come and talk about how they see the future of IoT playing out. We can also intro new Chicago companies, discuss new technologies, and maybe do a hackaton or two. The possibilities are all open and we look forward to getting feedback on how to make this most useful. As is obligatory we will also have plenty of free pizza and beer on hand, because pizza and beer is great.

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