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Mental Toughness Training: Maxvorstadt Run, Orange Juice and Coffee
“Same day, different shit.” Becoming an operator that executes in business starts with having the best sleep possible followed by a winning positive morning routine that builds powerful brain and heart health. Gain insight into my 9 step morning routine which is based on 18 years of experience in health-focused self-experimentation, cutting edge biohacking tactics personal transformation approaches. Let's go running together in the morning! But be warned I won‘t hold back... 🔥 And I am out to become antifragile hail, rain or sunshine! I will share some running tips I learned from my mentor Edgar Itt, a former Olympian Hurdle Runner. Be on time at the meeting place. Latecomers will get punished... ;-) No excuses - only solutions! Send me at what’s app message to[masked] when you miss us but would still like to join us at the cemetery.

Josephsplatz (near U2 station)

Josephsplatz · München

What we're about

Here's what I got for you...

• Access to a network of individuals who execute

• Opportunities to network with super smart and creative people

• Biohacking tips from an elite expert

Here's what we'll do...

Let's get together for a regular run a couple of times a week in Maxvorstadt to network, learn and coach each other. Regular participation is recommended.

My mission is to build a badass network and to forge leaders that are fit for the challenges of the 21st century. It's up to us to create a better world for the next generation.

Once a month I will host a get together with speakers and presenters to initiate exchange from different knowledge silos. Suggestions for speakers are welcome.

Here's what I have for you...

I will share my biohacking expertise and I can give you very specific advice on how to gain an edge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As well I'd like to hear your story and learn from your own expertise, life experience, and passion. In this way, I can widen my perspectives and gain new insights into the world.

The deep intention of this meetup is an applied lifestyle in agile and hybrid thinking. You have to stop thinking of agile... You need to start living it!

Moving your body and mind in unison is a good start to become an agile operator.

What you will get out of our group...

• Peak Performance Health

• A brain that can "think faster, deeper and wider "

• An edge through a network of operators that execute

Are you in? Great! See you on the inside!

Yours in service,


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