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P.S. We have a kakaotalk

곧 뵙기를 기대할께요!

Hello! 안녕하세요!

Let's get together for all Korea/Korean Lovers, with all sort of reason. If you happen to fall in love with K Pop, Language, Culture, Food or perhaps Drinks... Or if you want to know more about Korea, its Culture, Food, K-Pop?? Anything Korea, if you like to make Korean friends or learn Korean? or any Korean who wants to learn or make a friend who speak English or other languages, Do step forward and join in our exciting meetings...

The philosophy of the group is where every individual meets everyone. You are going to be welcomed and everyone would like to know about yourself and your story of Korea. So please join us and tell us all about yourself and your story and be part of us in this K-family.

Our events are organised in the following principle.

1. Our main events will take a place in every month. This could be with/without a theme.

2. Our flash events can be hosted by anyone in the leadership group at any time. Our leadership group is opened to anyone who is interested in.

3. We promote healthy and reasonable interactions between the members.
However, the group reserves right to ban anyone who does not respect above.

welcome and look forward to seeing you!


저희는 영국 한국 사랑 그룹입니다. 영국에서 한국인과 비 한국인의 문화 교류및 친목을 위해서 만들어 진 단체입니다. 따라서 언어, 문화, 음식, 케이팝 등 다양한 문화 활동을 하고 있습니다. 오셔서 같이 저희와 함께 한국 문화를 알려 주세요.

그럼 곧 뵙기를 기대 할께요.

P.S. We have a KakaoTalk group chat! join us!

카카오 톡 그룹쳇이 있습니다. 함께 해 주세요.



we often take pictures of events and we reserve right to use those pictures only for the promotion of the group. If you have any objections that your pictures are taken and used above purpose, please let us know when it is taken otherwise you are deemed to agree that your pictures can be used above purpose.

Pictures we use usually are found on the internet, a property of their own unless declared otherwise.

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