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Warren turned me on to this place, and it has become one of my go-to restaurants for Chinese-Korean (Korean-Chinese?) delights.

The food at Yanbian is Szechuan-level spicy; if you have a problem with this, you may want to chose another event.

Andy Gavin, who blogs on food and wine (among other things), wrote about my last visit there (

Warren also penned an excellent description of the place:

Yanbian is a region in China, just at the border with North Korea. They have regional specialties in cold noodles and dumplings. Both Chinese and Korean are spoken as official languages, which goes to show how well mixed the cultures are (and likely, the food), however the original 60% ethnic Korean population had shrunk to 32% by the year 2000 according to Wikipedia. Here is the article from Wikipedia for the curious: (

The menu very much resembles a northern Chinese menu with spicy dishes, innards such as pigs heart, liver or intestines, cumin dishes and wild descriptions such as "sea pumpkin with elbow" and "sea hare with leek" (sea hare is a sea slug) and sure of course there are plenty more harmless sounding things like "ribs with chinese kimchi" and a favorite of mine, "Braised dongpo pork hock with brown sauce" which I thought was a Shanghai dish.

Let's explore the menu together and maybe try interesting things such as fried pumpkin, dry tofu with hot pepper and who knows what else!

You must be an ADVENTUROUS eater to have a good chance of enjoying yourself here. If you like beer I see an ad for 1700 cc for $9.99 which seems pretty reasonable.

Here is a copy of the menu scanned in from the Korean Paper.

Get the picture file here: