What we're about

A Meetup group with a focus on the latest Korean Dramas, Films, and Stars. The group is open to all those who would like to meet, discuss, and interact with fellow fans.

To keep up to date on the latest KDA news or info, please Like/Add us on Facebook and Instagram:

Facebook: Korean Drama Addicts (https://www.facebook.com/kolocalize/)

IG: korean.drama.addicts (https://www.instagram.com/korean.drama.addicts/)

or check out our website: http://www.koreandramaaddicts.com

KDA’s goals are to:

- Promote appreciation for Korean dramas / films / culture

- Build a community with a significant local presence to support those that share the same appreciation

- Create meaningful experiences that educate, enrich and enhance that appreciation

We are always looking to add members to our team of organizers and support members so if you are interested, please send a private message indicating in what areas you would like to help or be a part of.

Thank you for being a part of our KDA community! 감사합니다!

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