What we're about

The vision of KDMV is to create a support network for the Korean Diaspora within the greater Washington DC, MD, and VA region-specifically serving individuals who have ancestry from the Korean peninsula.  Spouses, family, and friends are also very welcome to join in support of this vision.

Who We Are

The Korean Diaspora is indeed quite diverse.  Though our methods, timing, and path of arrival will vary quite greatly, our ancestry (the Korean peninsula) and where we currently find ourselves (the United States) is the same.  In general:

- Our 1st Generation members were born outside of the United States to parents who were or are Korean Nationals.

- Our 1.5 Generation members are those who were born in Korea, but left Korea at any point after birth and before adulthood.

- Our 2nd Generation members were born in the United States (or another country e.g. Ecuador, China, etc.) with at least one first-generation (Korean immigrant) parent.

What We Do

As the membership grows and interests evolve, different events will be planned, scheduled, and posted on the site (https://www.meetup.com/KoreanDMV) or https://www.facebook.com/groups/KoreanDMV). These events will be primarily in the DC Metro area and are expected to include:

1 – Social Activities (e.g. restaurant visits, bowling, wine tastings, hiking and other outdoor activities)  

2 – Networking events (e.g. happy hours, professional associations, etc.)
We also aim to highlight events or articles of interest (not directly sponsored by the leadership team) for membership informational awareness.  To this end, the leadership team will leverage social media platforms as appropriate.  Due to the voluntary nature of the group and competing obligations, the leadership may not attend all posted events in person unless directly organized by the leadership team.  

There are a few policies below that will help the leadership team and the meetup group continue to be a fun place for the members to gather and interact. Please take a moment to read and understand them. Membership in the group implies acknowledgement and agreement to abide by these policies.
(저희 모임이 앞으로도 지속적인 만남을 가지고 서로 유쾌한 친목도모를 유지하기 위해 지켜야 할 지침서들이 몇가지 있어 잠시 시간을 내주시어 읽어주시기 바랍니다. 본 모임의 회원들은 다음 이용약관을 전적으로 동의하고 이행한다고 간주하겠습니다.)

-Respect for the individual

Everyone in the group is expected to respect the boundaries of every other individual in the group across 3 primary categories: Physical, Online, and Cultural (described as follows).

-Physical Boundaries

We do not condone unsolicited physical contact of other members and ask that members clearly communicate directly with each other if they feel personal boundaries have been violated.

-Online Boundaries

We do not condone bullying and harassment online, via social media, chat, or texts. Such behavior is grounds for removal from the group.

-Cultural Boundaries

We share the same Korean ancestry, but recognize there are still differences in culture due to the varied backgrounds/experiences of our membership. As such these differences shall be respected.

-Cultural Boundary examples to be respected

  1. Lack of proficiency in written or spoken Korean language
  2. Abstaining from Korean foods or alcohol
  3. Non-use of honorific speech or etiquette as they relate to seniority

-Photographs at events

Members should be aware that photographs may be taken during our events and may be used for promotional purposes. If you are uncomfortable being photographed, please inform the leadership team

-RSVP and no/show policy.

RSVP’s are required for proper planning particularly for events or venues where seating is limited. If you are unable to show, please change your RSVP for the event. Repeated failure to show up for an event after RSVP may be cause for removal from the group (3 strikes and you’re out).
(좀 더 원활한 이벤트 장소섭외를 위해 초대장의 참석여부 통보가 요망되며, 모임당일 3번이상의 노쇼행위는 삼진 아웃법이 적용됨을 알려드립니다.)


We require your profile picture to be recent and clear photo of your face for recognition at meetup events. (진정성 있는 모임을 위해 자신의 얼굴이 제대로 나온 정면 프로필 사진을 올려주시기 바랍니다.)

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