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For twenty years, Kosmos Journal Quarterly has been dedicated to the living Earth and the systems that support all Life. Climate chaos, species loss, widening disparity and conflict, are some of the converging crises we now face. How we respond to these challenges now will inform our possible futures for generations.

Kosmos is committed to increasing face-to-face communication in communities and groups to learn, share, understand and reinforce helpful practices - personal to planetary - to help overcome apathy, grief, anger and confusion about our current situation.

Members of this group are invited to receive the Kosmos newsletter, subscribe to the Quarterly for as little as $5/year, and participate in gatherings large and small, regional and local, to advance our collective awareness and understanding of the issues confronting humanity. Kosmos is not a religious organization, although we are spiritually-minded. We have no rigid political orientation or hierarchy.

All are welcome. Learn more at www.kosmosjournal.org.

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