Kotlin Coroutines & Domain Specific Languages

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Hello everyone,

We are very excited to invite you to the second Kotlin meetup in Athens!


An introduction to Kotlin Coroutines (Antonis Lilis)

Coroutines that fascinated devs from its early beta have graduated the experimental phase and are now stable 🎓. Coroutines provide a way to write asynchronous code sequentially making multithreaded programming more debuggable and maintainable. In this presentation Antonis will try to guide you through the main features of Coroutines that make it so special.

Speaker bio: Antonis is passionate about technology and everything mobile. He is currently working on mobile banking software for Advantage FSE. He spent the last decade writing software in Java, Objective-C and Swift. Then he met Kotlin and his life changed ♥

link: https://antonis.me/
estimated duration: 30'-40'

From APIs to DSLs (Thelgis Kotsos)

Writing code is much easier than reading it. Developers should strive to produce code that is clean, expressive, and most of all maintainable. That is where Domain Specific Languages come into the picture. This presentation will be about analysing the Kotlin features that allow us to wrap a library into a DSL-style API, through a concrete example.

Speaker bio: Thelgis is currently working as a Data Engineer at Pollfish. He has been developing predominantly in the JVM ecosystem and nowadays is mostly playing with Scala and Kotlin. He enjoys solving problems related to Big-Data/Streaming systems and Software Architecture.

link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thelgis/
estimated duration: 40'

Sponsor: Advantage FSE [http://www.afse.eu/]


18:30: Socialize (drinks & pizzas)
19:00: 1st talk
19:45: 2nd talk