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Kotlin User Groups are a great place to share your experience with the community. Kotlin User Groups are places to share experience between Kotlin programmers and to get newcomers excited about the language. We regularly hold meetings.
Everyday there is more activities around Kotlin, and we want to help foster and grow the community in any way we can, We come together learn, share knowledge, collaborate and contribute to this awesome open source.

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South-South Innovation Hub

kotlin everywhere event will feature many technologies ranging from Android, Web, cloud and cross-platforms, the event aims to impact new comers to the community or who has just started learning kotlin and don't know the best way to get acquainted with the skills, providing guides, mentorship and motivation to them. However for those who are already in the right part learning kotlin, they will be further guided to improve on their skills. There will be codelabs to enable attendees get their hands dirty, so all attendees are encouraged to come along with their laptops. We also hope and encourage females to RSVP, to promote diversity...

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Kotlin And Version Control-(Git and GitHub)

South-South Innovation Hub

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