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The summer is over, school's in, and we're back. Join us at Makery HQ for our next Kotlin Budapest meetup! This month, we'll venture into the depths of Android KTX, and see how can we enhance our apps with Kotlin's built-in Delegates. Our lineup:

• Gábor Bakos - Even Sweeter Android development with Android KTX

Android KTX lib is almost 1.0 and it became foundation component of the Android Jetpack collection, it's time to explore together how it can make our life easier. We'll see it in action how it transforms our "beloved" boilerplate codes and workarounds into a concise, understandable and short code pieces. Using animations, fragments, navigations transitions, preferences, etc never been so easy.

• András Kindler - Enhancing your code with Delegated Properties

The built-in Delegated Properties package contains a handful of factory methods for common use cases, saving a lot of time for developers. Lazy access and observable properties are just two examples that many of us use on a daily basis, and though we could implement them by hand each and every time, we can just go with the members of the Delegated Properties.

• Márton Braun - Typical Kotlin

The talk covers some of the basic built-in types of Kotlin (Any, Unit, Nothing), and how we interact with these types - whether we know it or not - when using basic constructs (the Elvis operator, return statements, null itself) of the language.

The talks will be in Hungarian. Hope you can join us! :)


Doors open at 18.30, and we'll start the presentations at 19.00
After the talks, we can stay at Makery to chat until 23.00

We are looking for more teams/people to share their experiences around Kotlin, so if you would like to speak at the next event, please contact us via this form (https://goo.gl/forms/xHWKqQBKHBpJTR1C3), at the event, or in the Kotlin Budapest Facebook group.