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Join us for our April meetup at Makery for the first meetup of spring! We will have three awesome talks. The talks gonna be presented in English.

Our lineup:

• Ruda Balázs, Supercharge - Static Code Analysis for Kotlin

This talk is about tools we can use for checking our Kotlin code: ktlint, detekt, and Android Lint. We'll cover how to integrate them to CI and IDE, how to write custom rules, and how test them.

• Braun Márton, AutSoft - Delightful Delegate Design

A look at the important design choices to be made when designing a Kotlin library based on delegates.

• Monori Antal János, Skyscanner - Cleaning up your code with sealed classes

Also known more broadly as Algebraic Data Types, they represent a constrained class hierarchy with only one possible type at the time which helps you remain compiler-safe. Sealed classes in our data layer allow semantically more correct and type-safe code in our streams. He will go through how are they constructed and some real use cases to take away with you home.


Doors open at 18.30, and we'll start the presentations at 19.00
After the talks, we can stay to chat until 23.00.

We are looking for more teams/people to share their experiences around Kotlin, so if you would like to speak at the next event, please contact us via this form (https://goo.gl/forms/xHWKqQBKHBpJTR1C3), at the event, or in the Kotlin Budapest Facebook group.