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Kotlin Minna User Group Nigeria, We are a collective bunch of lovely people from all different backgrounds interested in this fun(ctional) language that is taking the programming world by storm (well, at least in the JVM arena!) In this group we will meet periodically to make this language and its ecosystem known. If you like to program and look for a more modern alternative to develop applications for the JVM, join!

Come join us and learn more about this neat language, the ecosystem surrounding it and what Kotlin can do for you! We hope to have interesting presenters/talks and presentations on a regular basis.

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Kotlin Clustered Webinar 2020

Online event

Join us for a deep dive into Kotlin and its latest release from the JetBrains Kotlin team! In this clustered event you will learn: : General Overview : Libraries : Kotlin on Multiplatform : Kotlin Coroutines : Server-side and Kotlin Future Plans Note/PS: Kotlin Technologies overview and in-depth tech talks from amazing speakers. Talks are aimed at viewers of all levels – newcomers, intermediate, and advanced. Participate in a “QuizQuest” to win Kotlin swag, JetBrains product licenses, and other prizes! Clustered Communities: Kotlin Abuja, Kotlin Benin, Kotlin Ondo, Kotlin Enugu, Kotlin Minna. GDG Akoko, GDG Ado-Ekiti.

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KotlinConf 2019 Global Minna

Paritie Hub

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